Did my chicks become angsty teenagers overnight?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by crazychickenlady1997, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. crazychickenlady1997

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    Mar 27, 2018
    East Tennessee Mountains
    Okay y'all. I take my chicks out of the brooder and let them play outside (it's already in the high 70's here) about every other day. Every time I've taken them out they do great. They stay close by, climb up on me, and have a great time. ....Except for today. As soon as I set them on the grass they all ran and hid under my car in the driveway! I had the hardest time catching all of them and it seems like overnight they suddenly distrust me.

    Any suggestions on how to get them to be sweet again? Is this just a phase?

    I should add that they're all between 2-4 weeks old (I think), the older ones almost fully feathered. Also the grass was a little wet from rain this morning but it was still sunny and warm out.
  2. nerfworthy

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    Mar 29, 2018
    South Western Idaho
    At 2-3 weeks old now my chicks are becoming more "flightly" for lack of better words. I think they're just coming into their own. I'd just continue to handle them as much as possible and make sure when you take them outside they're safely confined in case they decide to run off again. Definitely a juvenile phase! They should grow out of it.
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  3. lazy gardener

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Never take out more chicks than you can catch, or safely control and protect from a predator intent on doing harm. How would you respond during your play date if you had your chicks outside, and a big stray dog or two wandered into your yard to play with your squeaky toys? My chicks are brooded in an outdoor coop with a predator safe run, so they can come and go. Without that set up, I would set up a mobile enclosure in the yard for my chickie play dates.
  4. crazychickenlady1997

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    Mar 27, 2018
    East Tennessee Mountains
    Thank you!
  5. llombardo

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    Mar 11, 2018
    Mine are about 4 weeks. I handled them often the first couple weeks. Now they hop all over the place(including in my lap). I let them do their own thing and they are comfortable--always happy to see me. I actually swept the area today and the broom didn't phase them. I was surprised at that

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