Did my hens die from eating this?

Kathy Nash

Jul 19, 2008
I had an old card table in the chicken enclosure that worked as an outside shelter, in axe it was too hot in Summer. It was covered with plastic and had foam padding. It was intact until one day I saw a piece of the lattice on the ground. I guess it had become cracked I. The weather and the chickens picked at it and got a piece loose. It didn’t occur to me that they would dismantle the entire top. By the nw t evening, half the plastic was ripped loose and the polyurethane foam was gone from an area about 2’x2’. I know they eat it though I never actually saw them. I removed the table right then. A few days later I noticed water whitish stools. Two days later two chickens were listless. By a week they were on deaths door and passed. I’m not sure if the deaths were connected to the consumption of foam. What information can anyone give me about this?


5 Years
Feb 14, 2016
Possibly the chemicals in the foam caused this. Especially if it was an older table.
Or maybe the ate a piece too big to digest (not sure if this is even possible).

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