Did you glue your vinyl flooring to the bottom of the coop?


May 14, 2011
DFW - mid cities, Tx
I read somewhere you should not glue the vinyl flooring in. Seems odd to me. Has anyone else heard that? What did you do in your coop? I've got my vinyl flooring. It will be several weeks before I get it installed (still working on the run). I would love pointers on what works best in a small coop!
We put linoleum down in 2 of out coops and We glued both down. I haven't had a problem yet except that shovels seen to be kinda hard on the linoleum.
I have 2 coops one glued and one under the walls since we put it on during building.
Both ways work well. In the coop that we glued it in we took it up the walls 6 inches and added firing strips to keep the girls from picking at it.
In the other smaller coop we were able to install the linoleum on basically a platform and put the walls on top of it.
So far so good no tearing and holding up well.

I do not know why you should not glue it down. I made sure there was cure time before adding my hens though.

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We use a plastic scoop shovel when we clean the coops.
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We put down the vinyl sticky squares in our chicken barn, and the chickens actually pulled a few of them loose, even with lots of pine shavings on top. We're going to have to redo the floor covering at some point now.

I'd suggest gluing the vinyl down, and then maybe even nailing it to the floor around the edges. It will be covered with bedding, and the chickens won't notice.
I have only put linoleum down in one coop, and I nailed it down. Since shovels can be hard on the linoleum, I figured that it would be easier to change the linoleum if it was nailed down instead of glued.
We didn't glue it down but we nailed it down by putting molding all around the edges. I wanted to be able to replace it easily if needed, so we could just pull up the molding and remove the vinyl and put new down.
I been thinking about this too. I think I want to be able to remove the vinyl flooring. Instead of using plywood for the floor I think I'll use boards and leave a small crack (1/8" or butt them up and they'll shrink some) between them. Then when I wash out the coop and hose it down water will drain through the cracks. Maybe a good idea, maybe not.
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We glued the whole floor and then stapled all the edges so they won't come up. If we ever have to put a new floor down, we'll just go right over the top of the current one. I use a plastic dust pan to clean out the shavings from the floor (inside of coop is only 4' x 6'. Works great and I don't gouge the floor.

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