Did you know that emu have hair...?

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  1. chickenzoo

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    I was playing with my one emu Henrys feathers...and I noticed a fine black hair sticking out of his skin....swirled around some other areas and noticed a few more......scattered here and there.....but a thin long fine hair...not feather...it looks like hair. ...
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    Nov 6, 2012
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    NO I never knew this...I better start playing with Emu's heads lol where DO they appear...on top or neck ?? Could it be...that a new feather starts.....looking like hair at the time and when longer opens up to a feather ??

    Did you know...Pigs can have curley hair too ?
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  3. chickenzoo

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    These were all along his back.....didn't have time to investigate the rest of him. These were long fine hairs sparatically placed....I couldn't imagine anything coming from them..they were so thin.... they really look like hair...lol
    Under a microscope they may be feathers....like the ones on the head perhaps....but they look just like long hair....one strand....placed in a bear area.....here and there. ..lol
  4. yinepu

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    I just equate those with being "hair feathers" or filoplumes like on a chicken.. (a freshly plucked chicken has fine "hairs" over most of the body that need to be singed off) i've seen them in different spots on the birds we processed.. just never gave it a second thought as to how wide spread over the body they are on emu since we skin 90% of the birds with feathers on .. we get requests for intact pelts so most don't get plucked unless we have someone who wants plucked feathers..

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