Did you know this about donkeys and wartime?

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  1. I was watching Psych last night, very good show . . .and Shawn told the goofy cop that almost makes the show, that no war had ever been lost that used donkeys . . .now, I didn't google this, but thought it was interesting, and does anyone know?
  2. Used donkeys for what precisely? Hauling... food... alarms?

    Well... how can at least one side not lose a war?
    (to me it seems both sides lose, but I reckon most will admit that at least one does)
    And if every war has a loser... and both sides use donkeys.. .well.. that makes no sense.

    Also, could he have been referring to the 'old days' when donkeys were the preferred hauler... before autos... that all those wars were won ... again see above... or are donkeys still being used today? I get this weird picture of a team hauling a tank out of a sand dune...

    Overall that seems like a pretty odd thing to say... and doubtful that it's true for stated reasons...
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    were they speaking of jacka$$ politicians behind the wars?
  4. ^Naw then he'd have said they were always lost. [​IMG]
  5. I figured it was older wars . . .he didn't elaborate, but I need to google it to see. That is one of those useless little trivia things that we learn that is totally worthless, but interesting all the same.

    Yes, if it was a jackass politician, we would have lost the war.
  6. ^Funny you say that as Today's Random Tidbit (a FB post) was a blip from my Back to Basics book... that despite old wives' tales cucs will NOT morph with melons or squash.

    I know WE believed that one... dern it... all those years could have had both cucs and squash and we've been only doing one or the other because of that stupid rumor.
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    Quote:I'd never heard that one. I'd always heard that squash and gourds can cross-breed, so you can't keep squash seed for next year if you plant both of them.
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    I love Psych! One of my fav shows...

    Anyhoo, I would be interested in knowing if that little tidbit is factual based or Bull-pucky based. [​IMG] Now I have to go research! Lol I can't stand not having an unanswered question!!

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