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...that evidently kids these days think it is fashionable to wear their britches around the bottom of their butts? Like hanging waaaay down there. Hey, if that's what you want to do, then go right on ahead... but don't be cryin to me when the legs of your brithces get hung up in a snow drift this winter and end up at your ankles

I swear, half of these kids are from down south and have no idea what Iowa winters are like. A few have shown up in stocking caps and gloves already (it was nearly 40 degrees, not even COLD yet
) and they're already saying they're freezing... Tee Hee... This is going to be a fun winter, I can already tell
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My sons would wear them like that, down on thier butt.
I would walk up and pull them down to thier ankles
, pull your pants up!! After a few times of that they made sure they had them where they were supposed to be!! At least around mom.
Whenever I see that I picture a midget comming up and ripping them down, then running away laughing!. Down here at one of the highschools a HUGE fight broke out and all the girls got away - but most of the guys got caught because they kept tripping over their pants! SO the jail was pretty full

And hey! 40 degrees is Cold! Southerners arent used to that much nasty white stuff :tounge
what confuses me even more is this new thing where some of the kids at my school would fuse the fashion of skinny jeans and the fashion of butt-dangling jeans. so the jeans are simultaneously ridiculously tight and dangly.
The teachers at the middle and high school in town keep a supply of zip ties handy. Any child coming to school with his britches hanging down gets them zip-tied around his waist, where they belong, for the day.

Yep, the school resource officer (a police officer) keeps the teachers supplied.
It's broken alot of the boys of the habit. Can you imagine having to ask the teacher to cut your zip tie so you can go to the bathroom?

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