Did you lose a chicken in Long Beach, CA?


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Feb 5, 2008
Long Beach, CA
A brown chicken was found in the alley between Junipero/Raymond and 8th/10th streets in the LBC this afternoon. An alert neighbor thought she may be mine, but my girls are all present and accounted for. This chicken looks like she's not in the best of health - some feathers missing on the neck and perhaps some digestive problems, but maybe she's just a little worse for wear from her journey. I'll try and post a photo later this evening. In the meantime, I will do my best to keep her safe and sound.
She's not mine ( I'm in New Hampshire and boy would she be tired) but I wanted to tell you how sweet it is of you to go through the effort of trying to find her home.

It does my heart good to know that there ARE still decent people in this world.
Now thats a good thing.
feed her and maybe she will find her way back home.
good luck. and thanks,
need more people like you.in this world..

spelling gone awry.LoL
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So, did anyone ever come forward and claim that sweet chicken you rescued?

I live in Long Beach, too, and have four pet chickens presently. All hens, of course. I'll be adding 5-6 babies in March and can't wait. I get them from Blacksmith's on Lakewood. We're fortunate to have the space for up to 20 because we live on one of the few double lots on Second Street.

I would love to know others nearby who share my appreciation for these sweet birds. I looked at Meetup and found the Homestead group but I think they are more diverse than I'm looking for.

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