Didn’t socialize chicks well


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Sep 15, 2019
My older hens are great. I spent a lot of time with him when they were younger chicks and so now I am able to handle them more.
My new set of chicks I had no time. I barely held them. They won’t even let me come near them. Will they ever warm up to me ?
Jul 24, 2019
Northern Ca
Mine were the same way, I hardly interacted with them until they were 12 weeks old. I started feeding them on the ground and sat right next to the pile until they were done, within 2 weeks they would fly up from the ground onto my shoulder or head to eat out of my hands. Now they are 8 months old and act like dogs when they see me, they are so tame it’s hilarious. If you work with yours with food then they will be fine.


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Jul 3, 2016
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How old are your chicks right now? I actually don't handle them much when they're super little, but once they're outside and able to get closer to my level ( so I'm something more than big stompy boots), they usually warm up to us pretty quick.

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