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May 24, 2011
I am attempting to hatch chicken eggs with my class of 8 and 9 year olds. We have three eggs in a small school incubator. Unfortunately 2 weeks ago I had an emergency appendectomy and so have not been in school to take care of my eggs. Luckily the care taker has incubated eggs before and maintained the water levels in the incubator that automatically turns the eggs. Because of my sick leave I have not been able to candle the eggs and now its the 21st day of incubation and I don't know what to do

Please help!


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Sep 12, 2010
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That's ok.. If they were under a chicken she wouldn't have candled them as well. I would look carefully for any pips. If you don't see any, remove them one at a time then quickly candle them. I would just look for full development, and not movement at this point and return them to the bator. If for some reason you find a pip, or if any of the eggs peeps. Return and put the lid on and leave it alone.

Good luck again with your hatch.


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Nov 18, 2007
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I agree don't worry. When I first started hatching I was candling almost every day to see the progression. Now I sometimes pull some eggs out of the incubator and candle them. I have had hatches where I didn't candle until after the hatch was over,any of the eggs that didn't hatch to see what stage of development they were at when they expired. I have opened the shells up too to see what stage of development they were at before they expired. I don't do that anymore.

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