Didn't Quite Mean to Free Range My Girls Just Yet....

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by anbhean, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Jun 3, 2010
    I have three hens that are about 22 weeks. So far, they have only had access to an inside run which contains their coop, food and water and is attached to an outside run with water and shade. They are good sized runs, but are fully enclosed because I live in the suburbs and have some seriously errrr... ummm... let's just say "picky" neighbors (not what I want to say, but there are young 'uns on these posts so we'll stick with that). I have not free ranged them around my yard yet because my husband and I have been saving up to fix the holes in the fence that my one special neighbor's EIGHT rabid terriers have eaten straight through. Said neighbor refuses to fix the holes, and so if I don't want the girls to become terrier tar tar-- we have to pay for it and it's about a $300 job, plus a lot of work which I'm not totally up to doing seeing as I am seven and a half months pregnant. That being said... there are a few things in the yard which might be harmful to my girls that we haven't cut down or pulled up yet because we had no intention of free ranging them until the fence was fixed in about a month.

    Fast forward to my kids checking on the girls this morning and not properly shutting their gate... All in all I'd guess they had about two hours free range time in which the neighbors dogs thankfully did not notice them and they did not notice the holes in the fence. Whew! But in that time they probably ate a few things I'm not sure is exactly chicken kosher if you know what I mean.

    Anyone know if elm leaves, honeysuckle leaves or pumpkin leaves are harmful to chickens? They may have gotten around some cottonwood suckers as well, but it did not look like they had been grazing on them. I know we have lambs quarters in the yard and some stinking nightshade I've been telling my husband to pull for three months now... but they didn't seem to have found that part of the yard yet. If they had, my guess is we'd have a decimated garden since it's right on the edge of our tomatoes. My other concern is dog poo. I mean, it's out there. They may have eaten it. Is that a concern for them, or for us since we eat their eggs?

    If they ate something bad for them, what kind of behavior should I watch for?
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    Nothing harmful in any of it. Frankie say relax. [​IMG] Glad the neighbor dogs didn't notice though! Dog poo gross-yes, harmful-no.

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