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    Apr 28, 2012
    Id like to add lots of variety to my hens diet, suggestions?
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    I like to raise sprouts for mine. Also, see if you can develop a relationship with a produce mgr of local grocery stores to have stuff saved for you, before it goes to their dumpster. Pretty hard sell these days, in the face of lawsuits, etc . .

    Update on my sprouting system . .
    I bought a bucket for each day of the week from the Dollar store.
    Day 1 is a soaker, no holes in bottom, with a pint of whatever seed (currently lentil culls; 100 lb bag for $10!).
    Days 2-6 have holes in bottoms, nested into one another.
    I cut 4-inch-long sections of 4" dia white plastic pipe, and set one in the bottom of each bucket as spacers, so these buckets stack about 20" high.
    Day 6 bucket is at the top of the stack, & is where I run my fresh rinse water into, 2x a day (filtering down thru the stack, all set in the bathtub).
    Day 7 bucket has no holes & is in a lighted area, "greening up".

    The gals get Day 7 bucket every day; day 6 goes into #7, Day one soaker bucket gets dumped into #6, which then gets rotated to the #1 (bottom) position in the stack.

    That 1 pint turns into a gallon & a half of sprouts for my 2 dozen chickens.

    Next on the agenda is fermenting a separate batch of seed grains, when my 100 Delaware chicks come in May
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