different aged chicks


Dec 3, 2021
Hey there! new here and also new to raising chickens! we have five 10 day old chicks of different breeds and three 7 week old silkies - as of right now I have them all together in our laundry room. they are all getting along great and the older silkies are letting the chicks cuddle up under them, even with the heat lamp or brooder plate in there. my question is, I know the silkies are about ready to be outside, but I hate to move them without the rest of the flock. do you think there is any downside to keeping them with the younger chicks until they are ready? they have plenty of room and I am taking them outside during the day. thank you for any advice!


Aug 26, 2021
Northern Utah
I had some Sapphire Gems that were morrrrre than ready to go out and sent their little friends out a bit earlier since the older ones took such great care of them. It might be sooner than you think to send them all out together! I agree with Sourland keeping them together would be better for the silkies

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