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Right now I have 3 silkies and 3 leghorns. We lost a few to raccoons and then had to get rid of 5 roosters that were suppose to be hens. I ordered 8 buff orpington from a local hatchery and I am in the process of building my own incubator. I would like to hatch a few more silkies and add some polish, easter eggers, dominique and maybe the light sussex breed as well. Those of you that have several different breeds do you keep them together or separate them? If I want to breed them can I remove a hen and rooster from the rest of the chickens until I get some eggs to hatch? I'm new to all of this so please be kind!


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If you wish to raise purebreds, the breeds must be separated. If you 'run them together', and then decide that you want purebred chicks, you must separate them and then wait at least 3 weeks before collecting and setting eggs. A hen can retain sperm from a mating for at least 3 and very possibly as much as 4 weeks.


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I have always had a mixed flock, but I have never tried to actually breed pure bred chicks. The only thing that I have found with having many kinds together, is to make sure that you have two feeders, two waterers, and enough perch space so that the low pecking order chickens can roost away from any bullies.
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