Different yellow chick, any breed guesses?


10 Years
Aug 24, 2013
I have a mystery mix of chicks and thought all my yellow chicks left are white leghorns. This one is a bit different though. With minimal handling, this one is super nice. It's comb is about twice as high as the other three. It also has these silly curly feathers on it's back. They seem to be symetrical. Any guesses? These are from Mcmurray, and I supposedly got a free "exotic" chick somewhere in there. They are all random breeds, including 5 ee, so no clue how to pick out my freebie. Thanks!
Yellow chicks are about the hardest to identify. What color legs and feet? That will eliminate about 1/2 the choices.

Twice as big a comb always sends the rooster radar up.
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The feet are.. normal color? Not really yellow, but not really peach. Sort of the same color as the comb and beak are now. This one's comb has like 3 tall spikes. The other similar yellow ones in the group have 4-5 shorter spikes. They look alike, except for those silly curly feathers on this one's back.

I was thinking roo too, because of the comb. I have 3 suspect in the group, but time will tell. They turned 4 weeks yesterday. I guess having multiple roo's will give me a chance to see who is welcome to stay with the girls :)
Is it the same size as the white leghorn chicks? Besides the leghorn, McM has for single combed, clean legged white birds, not counting meat birds, Rocks, Orps, and Giants listed, Minorcas they only have in black and buff, they don't have any standard frizzles that I know of, and the bantam ones are cochins. He does look pretty much like a leghorn roo besides the little curly feathers.
My thoughts as well... Maybe he will be a bit unique. Being as friendly as he is, he may just be a guy I am looking for! The other three run for cover (along with the 4 brown leghorns they sent me). He just hangs around and lets me pet him. Much better than the yellow EE chick that will already flog my hand or any chick that I have been holding and put back into the brooder. Thanks all! I will update as they get older.

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