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  1. I have noticed this one milli fleur rooster of mine has funny eyes. I finally got to look closer.. he is 1.5 years old... his left eye is fine but his right eye pupil is like completely dilated or runs everywhere... he sees fine out it.... just wondering what could cause this? His brother's eyes look normal.

    Anyone else have this happen? He is healthy otherwise... its just a little creepy that one eye focuses while the other is just "big eyed" looking....

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    have a similar problem with a bantam araucana at the moment, but instead of it having a pupil that looks like its running everywhere, it just looks like her pupil has disappeared? theres a tiny black dot and then it goes straight to the coloured part. she's definatly gone blind in that eye since she doesnt react if i wave on that side. have no idea what she did but it doesnt look like an injury, just appeared over the past few days...
  3. I think he has been like this for months..... i only could finally get close to notice it won't focus. I think he can see far away but not up close in that eye.

    its just weird seeing one eye with orange and this eye is almost completely black.. only a sliver of his eye color is seen.

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