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    So, I really want some good quality upright Runner ducks, and some Saxonys...I have 45 ducks and figured I could sell some and make room for some new ones...the dilemma ensued this a.m. as I sat out with my flock watching them chase bugs, bathe, splatter and generally enjoying their lives...I was thinking, who can I part with? Well, I have three OLD ducks who are very precious and hang around my heels hoping for treats...and then there is the Crested Rouen drake and my solid blue drake who was supposed to be Swedish but who knows as he hasn't a scrap of white on him...each of those boys has claimed a fawn and white duck for their very own...the six or eight Pekins all hang together and chatter constantly and are the silliest...and then there is Barbara the black Runner duck who is totally in love with Merlin, the Chinses gander...she follows that tall boy around all day head bobbing and chattering at him...by the time I got done assessing all of them, I only managed to come up with three or four I could stand to part with...I have nightmares about them getting eaten by predators or people...I am very protective of my flock...I feed them well and spoil them rotten...I dump all six of the swimming pools almost daily so they can have clean water for a few minutes even when my body says go lay down for a while...I have hot wired their night yard in three wraps to keep them safe at night...I have double wrapped the bottom half of their grassy day yard with chicken wire over field wire so they don't get into the dog yard or out into the forest to be killed...they are all precious and have such endearing personalities...so maybe I will just keep who I have and give up on adding any more...hmmmmmm...


    some of my fatties waiting for peas in the night yard totally bare of green...the gate in the back of them is open to the day yard full of grass and tasty bugs...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    KEEEEEEEP THEM! They are gorgeous!!! Look at the guys in the front sayin 'Don't-get-rid-of-us-and-do-you-have-any-treats-about-your-person?' Loooool. They sound like a wonderful flock! T'would be a shame to separate them! Jus get MOOOOOORE!!!! LOL!! [​IMG]

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