Dinner with Dale the Delaware

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    When the weather is suitable, we like to take our dinner out to the back deck and eat outside while we watch the chickens. The back deck is rather small so we just have couple of chairs and a small side table between them. We end up holding our plates and placing our drinks on the table.

    Yesterday evening, we had spaghetti with a crossaint roll on the side. As soon as we come out the basement door, all the chickens come over to investigate. Most wandered away after we sat down but Dale stuck around to investigate further. When we sat down, Dale jumped up into my partners lap to check out his bowl. She had never done anything of the sort before so his reaction scared her away, for a moment anyways. I had read on BYC that several people gave their chickens spaghetti as a treat, so I tossed a noodle to Dale. It was rather entertaining to watch her suck it down.

    After I gave her the noodle, I stopped watching her and focused on feeding myself. A moment later, as I turn to get a drink, I see a blur of white feathers and realize that my crossaint is now being sprinted across the yard. Dale took my moment of inattention to her advantage, jumped into the air and snagged the crossaint off the edge of my bowl. I was PO'd that she had stolen part of my dinner, but I had to laugh at the situation. My partner on the other hand thought it was just hilarious.

    A few moments later, Dale was back to see what else she could snag. After eyeballing the situation, she decided that she needed to jump onto the table for a better look. Unfortunately for me, there was not enough room on the table for two glasses and a determined Delaware. She jumped and my lemondade glass went flying; all over me. I had lemonade from my shoulders all the way to my flip-flops.

    The next time Dale is invited to dinner, she will be a serving, not served.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    You're lucky the whole flock didn't get in on the act!
    If my chickens could get at me during dinner, all that would be left
    would be my tattered skeleton and some broken crockery.
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    That's too funny!!!! Maybe next time you should provide Dale with a plate of her own!!!!! [​IMG]

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