dipping guineas beak in water like chicks ?

I would say you should. At least till they learn what their waterer looks like.

I'd say day 1 is the best time to start. As soon as I take my keets out of the 'bator I dip their beaks in water. I don't always give them food on day 1 though.

If you have say, 10 keets, you probably only need to dip 2 or 3. Once those 2 or 3 know where the water is the rest should learn from them.
Debbie Thanks for your info, These are my first guineas. 16 of 17 hatched, 4 to 5 days early, just want to do it all right.
Congrats on the new guineas. I only hatched out 4 guineas 4 months ago, but I did dip them in the water...their beaks I mean so they got the idea. I love my guineas too! They just moved outside and they come and go as they please! I think they love us cause they always come home!

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