Dirt Floor ??


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Apr 2, 2016
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Does new coop really need a wood floor or can we deal with dirt floor and using straw and shavings as bedding ?

Existing coop is a hand-me-down shed from hubby so it had a wooden floor to be gin with but it's h*** to keep clean.


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Aug 18, 2014
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My Coop
Omg my Fort Leonardwood!!
My parents met at the base there where they were both stationed!!
Anyway, brought back great memories when I saw that!!
Just FYI, as far as the coop floor, if your setting the shed on the ground anyway, as long as you really make sure it's predator proof with hardware cloth skirting, it shouldn't matter wether its wood or dirt. It is a bit harder to keep clean and dry a dirt floor than a wood floor, but many make it work just fine.


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dirt floor is fine... in some ways nicer

DO make sure that critters, including rates and mice if possible , can't tunnel in.

Do watch drainage issues... nothing worse than the inside of the coop being full of water :sick

I gave several dirt floor coops, and they work well. I like sand on the floor over the dirt... but just dirt works too, and can be raked out.

For the ducks (read super messy) they need wood chips or something tossed on the dirt to help absorb their wet poo.

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