dirty belly


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
I am new to chickens... just got my first 25 birds(meat-n-eggs combo from Mcmurrays) They are 1 week old and all seem to be very active and healthy except most seem to have messy bellies- some look a bit irritated and red. I think I have provided them ample space and have changed the bedding several times already. Is this normal or do I have an issue?
Could you take a pic of one of the bellies so I could take a look at it?? And
What often happens with new chicks is pasty butt, a collection of poop around the vent, which actually can block poop passage and kill them so must be cleaned off. Is this perhaps what you are seeing? If so, grease up the butt after you clean (oil, Vaseline, most anything) so it won't stick so bad next time.
I had 3 with pasty butt issues...I stayed on top of that and they seem fine now. Lots of reading about pasty butt none on dirty or pasty belly. The bedding is a mix of shreaded newspaper and pine shavings.
It does seem to only be the meat birds (which are already over twice the size of the others!) They really all seem to act fine I guess it is more cosmetic than any real isue? Should I try to clean them up or just leave them alone?

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