Dirty Birds


9 Years
Sep 22, 2010
Lexington, KY
I bought 3 mottle Japs about 2 weeks ago and they are dirty. I need to clean them up now that I have them eating good. They are about 20 weeks old. what do you use and how do you clean yours or do I just let them go like they are...Thanks JR
If they are really bad jsut give them a bath.
mine do also and look good these are dirty where they had been in a dirty cage or run(before I got them) just want to tidy them up some
Use Dawn and just be sure to rinse them well. You can add a bit of vinegar to a final rinse and cut the suds.

I rinse mine under the faucet instead of a tub full of water, then just add a couple tablespoons vinegar to a small bucket of water and pour that over them afterward.

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