Dirty Chick Goat's Milk Soaps in 20 Fragrances - Great Gifts!

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    Get each bar for $3.50
    or 10+ soaps for $3.00 each

    Hit the Buy-It-Now Button and then PM me with your order and I'll send you a total with any discounts and actual shipping.

    These are large, 4 ounce soaps packaged in a clear cellophane pouch which locks in the fragrance and moisturizing qualities of the goat's milk. Great for gifts for your co-workers, your kid's teachers, or just for yourself! Our soaps are practical enough to use and still look pretty sitting by the sink or in the shower. We use quality ingredients including coconut oil, palm oil, vitamin E, sodium hydroxide (lye), uncut and skin safe fragrance/essential oils, and of course goat's milk. Homemade goat's milk soaps are so much better for your skin than commercially made soaps.

    Detailed descriptions of fragrances can be viewed in the General Store area of our website.

    Limited Edition Holiday Fragrances Only Available Fall & Winter:
    Gingerbread: wonderful fragrance of fresh baked gingerbread cookies straight out of the oven at Grandma's house.
    Pumpkin Pie: Warm, homey traditional pumpkin pie fragrance with spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon).
    Jack Frost: fragrances of creamy vanilla and fresh peppermint.

    Other Available Fragrances:
    Apple Cinnamon
    Amish Quilt
    Maple Pecan
    Brown Sugar Fig (new)
    Unscented, Dye-Free
    Soothing Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (Our Best Seller)
    Exfoliating Sweet Pea - Retiring this fragrance once our supplies are gone.
    Relaxing Lavender
    Refreshing Mint
    Classy Lemon - Retiring this fragrance once our supplies are gone.
    Breezy Meadow
    Day at the Beach
    Southern Gent
    Southern Belle
    Midsummer Night
    Dusty Rose (new)
    Baby Powder (new)

    HOW TO ORDER: PM me with the amount and fragrance(s) you would like to pre-order along with your requested ship date. Orders will be shipped in order of payment received.

    PAYMENT: I accept Paypal, USPS Money Order, or Personal Check. You will get a PM and/or Email to confirm your order. You can also place an order via our website with PayPal checkout.

    SHIPPING: For 1-5 bars, shipping will be a flat $4.85. For 6 or more bars, shipping will be a calculated rate based on the weight of the box and your zipcode. I'll be happy to provide you with an exact shipping quote before you send payment.

    Thank you for your support of our farm!

    Have you purchased from us in the past and want to leave feedback? You can do so on the old feedback system on BYC and/or on our feedback page on our website. Thank you for your business!






    Please note that we make our soaps as a hobby. They are produced in our kitchen. If you have allergies to any ingredient in the soap, nuts, spices, wheat products, etc. please be aware that the soaps may contain ingredients you may be allergic to. If so, please refrain from purchasing our soaps to prevent any undesired side effects to you. With that said, goat's milk is a very mild soap that may people with skinallergies use instead of store-bought soaps. We have all good reports from our soaps from our customers thus far and many return to purchase additional bars. The choice is yours. [​IMG]
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    I ordered fifteen bars- and cant figure out how to leave feedback, lol. I just wanted to say Thank you!!

    The soaps are beautiful, and the packaging was fantastic! They will make a wonderful Christmas gift for my "impossible-to-buy-for" sisters-in law. [​IMG]
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    I received my order yesterday and they are better than expected! I love artisan soaps and these feel so soft and mild. My mother in law, 2 daughters and a friend have all taken theirs - the rest are mine! Great customer service and very pleasant to work with. I will definitely order again!

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    For those of you wishing to try the Sweet Pea or the Classy Lemon, we will be retiring those fragrances once our supplies for each of those are gone.

    Thanks for the positive comments, y'all!

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