"Dirty Chick" Homemade Goat's Milk Soaps For Pretty Pullets

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    [​IMG] Please don't "Buy It Now" for this auction - Contact me to purchase your soaps. [​IMG]

    Dirty Chick Homemade Goat's Milk Soaps, 4 ounces per bar
    Scents available: Exfoliating Sweet Pea, Relaxing Lavender, Refreshing Mint, Classic Lemon, and Soothing Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
    These are oval shaped, just like eggs that any pretty (human) pullet is sure to love!
    $3.50 for a bar or $3.00 if you buy 3 or more bars.

    Also, for those with super-sensitive skin, I can make unscented, dye-free bars for $2/bar.

    Shipping: 1-3 bars can be send 1st Class Mail. Four or more bars will be sent Priority (due to weight restrictions). Please contact me for an actual shipping quote with your zip code.

    Payment: I accept PayPal and USPS Money Orders. Your soap order will be shipped promptly after payment is received.


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