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  1. bdcunning1

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    Mar 6, 2013
    Denville NJ
    On the witness stand in court the Dog Warden in Denville NJ said we should not be able to keep our 3 pet hens because chickens have diseases that can spread to people.
  2. Eggmachine11

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    Feb 8, 2015
    Have him PROVE it!My birds got the bird flu and I got all in their faces,yet do you see me sneezing and coughing gasping for breath?And in all respect,he needs to go check his brain,(Sorry BYC)

    You shouldn't/don't have to rid them!Show himyours are healthy!I mean,while don't you just kill on the birds if chicckens carry diseases,bird are the main effext!
  3. Ol Grey Mare

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Have you had your opportunity to testify as of yet? Have you got legal representation or are you representing yourselves in this situation? You can easily provide scientific data regarding common diseases and their communicability (or lack thereof) to other species.
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  4. cavemanrich

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    Apr 6, 2014
    Melrose Park Illinois
    ???????????????????????????????? Provide us with a lil mo info. Are you saying that you are taken to court because you have chickens? Tell us what are the LAWS in your particular town. Most peeps here on the forum are not in your town to know. The joker dog warden is making assumptions that can be applied to other pets such as dogs and cats and rabbits and on and on. The reality is if it is against the LAW, you are out of luck. If you think you can have the law changed, GOOD LUCK ...... I am a realist. You are one or two peeps that would like it a different way. In such small numbers you are INSIGNIFICANT....... We are not living in the 19th century. In the 21st century the government has more far reaching powers. Your only options are to move to where it is accepted. Usually but not always, the laws against peeps keeping chickens result from the category of people living there, that don't want them there. As an example. The owner of WALGREEN DRUGS. Needles to say wealthy, spent millions on court battles to keep her pets. And lost. Research it to get details yourself.
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  5. Ol Grey Mare

    Ol Grey Mare One egg shy of a full carton. .....

    Mar 9, 2014
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    Having read through your posting history I think it would be most helpful if you were to keep this to a single thread with updates so that I would be easier for those reading to follow your situation and be able to have the most information possible in responding. It appears this is a long on-going situation for you?
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  6. Cryss

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Northwest New Jersey
    This is an older thread but I'm wondering what happened. I live not too far from Denville NJ.

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