Dirty Eggs

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    I tried searching for an answer before ringing ya'll, but theres a gazillions posts and I didnt see anything similar so...
    DINGALING, givin' ya'll a ring ![​IMG]

    Have a broody hen thats been separated in her own special place with food & water & a nice nest box with 6 eggs.
    She's been setting for a week now and tonight when I went to candle the eggs to see what we had going on I discovered she's messed on ALL the eggs. [​IMG] They all have fecal matter smeared on them lightly.
    I read in my chicken book that fecal bacteria can contaminate the developing chick and it had conflicting opinions about cleaning the outer shell.

    Soooooooo what do I do?
    Does anyone have experience with this?

    Appreciate yer expertise.
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    Not having any experience with broody hens, I'm giving you a bump so hopefully you'll get the answers you seek. [​IMG]

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