Dirty water troughs...


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
The little water troughs that you use for baby chicks, with a quart mason jar for the water--the chicks of course scratch all their litter in them so they are always full of junk.

What do you all do about this?

try elevating them so they are chest high to the chicks. they can still drink and it's not quite so easy for them to kick stuff in the water.
I was wondering this exact same thing!
Glad someone asked the question.
With the batch of chicks that I had last year I was using shavings and had the same problem with the water trough getting full of shavings so I elevated the waterer on top of an overturned round cake pan. It was just the right height and didn't take up too much room in the brooder.

With my current batch of chicks (1 week old today) I have been using paper towels, changing and replacing as necessary and there hasn't been the same problem with the shavings but they still get lots of their food in the water when they drink and it makes the water really stinky

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