Disabled chick, what could cause this?

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    Nov 8, 2015
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    I have a 6 week old orpington/production red chick named Bumble. When he hatched (he needed help) he was fully formed and had no other problems.
    However, after a few hours I realized he did not act the same as all the others.
    -He has trouble pecking and getting his beak to the food bowl.
    -It almost seems like he had trouble seeing as he will sometimes bend his neck in weird ways. Not wry neck though. His eyes do respond to light and he can walk over to his food bowl.
    -When he was a chick he screamed often and scratched his head, but now hes fine.
    -His comb is paler.
    -Spins in circles when he is left alone or exited/scared. Will jump and fly in a random direction when he is happy. Can hear, dust bathe, and preen just like normal.

    Other than these things, he is completely normal.
    What could be causing this? A deformity? Deficiency? Can it be fixed?
    He is sitting in my lap as I type this, he's a sweet chicken who acts more like a lap dog and loves sleeping [​IMG]
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    The spinning in circles sounds like a variety of wry neck, which in young chicks can be from a vitamin deficiency, heredity, or from neurological or brain damage. I would give him 1 ml ofPoultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell vitamins which also contain selenium, and other nutrients. Make sure that he is taking plenty of water and eating.

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