Disapearing rooster and 2 hens.


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Jul 19, 2012
I Had a strong flock of 2 grown roosters, 10 hens, and an unknown rescue, recently discovered to be a young rooster.
Anyway, in the last week and a half I am down by 1 rooster, and 2 hens. No sign of struggle. No feathers or anything. I believe the hens are rattled, they went from 7-8 eggs daily to now, 1-3. What can I do? My flock has a fenced area they can come and go to free range, but they never leave from pasture or back yard.
I have in the last 4 days added 2 ducks and a hen, the 3 are close as glue, I think the hen believes she is a duck. So silly. Could this be part of the reason they stopped laying?
Went to check on flock this morning after dropping daughter off @ school, and the hen that thinks she's a duck was found dead with neck completly snapped in half. And her 2 ducks, missing! All my hens and roosters were hideing under the barn till I showed up. Help! What could it be? I am setting 2 live traps in coupe tonight when I get hm and securring all flock to the hen house till threat is over! I hate having to isolate them to 1 area, but it's for there safety. No freedom for a week. Hopefully that is long enough for what ever it is to get caught or move away.
I began with 13, then down to 10, then got 2 ducks and new hen, now they are gone. Back to 10. They are disapearing fast.
Also, my outside male cat's suddenly want in my house! They like outside, now I can't get them to want to go out. My daughters dog sat @ her window watching something the other night. Thought it to be a hawk, now, I'm not sure!
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Without visual evidence it's really impossible to tell, but I'm thinking coyote or fox. They will carry a bird away and kill it and stash it in a hidden location. Try looking in the woods in the area for signs like a pile of feathers. Also, look for dog-like tracks. You said your daughters dog was fussing at night; that pretty much rules out a hawk but a large owl might be another possibility if the birds roost anywhere where an owl could get to. The predator now knows where there is an easy meal so it WILL be back so be vigilant and up your security with more wire, traps, electric fence, etc. Sorry for your loss.
As mentioned go on a scouting trip through the woods near where the birds were taken. The live traps are a good start. You might want to place your dead hen into the trap for bait. Good Luck and please let us know what you find.

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