Disapointed with Sandhill Preservation

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    As I posted eariler we received our shipment of chicks on April 23. They sent 28 instead of 25. When we opened the box in front of the PO s per instructions everything looked OK but when we got home we noticed two right off the bat that were very weak and undersized . They looked like banty chicks. We ordered standard. one of them still had eggshell on his head. needless to say they died by the next morning. Then as the chicks started growing more and more of them stayed small. So far we have lost 7 all of them were undersized . They never did grow. We lost all of the black cochins,one buff cochin and 2 polish. there are still two more polish that I am concerned about These at least seem to be eating and running around even though they are so small. I dont know what the problem was with this order. Maybe it was all the cold and snow but i am very upset. We ordered these chicks way back in december and prepaid. we waited and waited they missed two hatch dates and finally sent them in April. We paid for express shipping to help get them here faster and they were delivered overnight What really upsets me is their policy about deaths. since they were all alive when we received them its our loss. i am posting a picture of the size difference so you can see what I am talking about. We ordered from them because we wanted good stock and figured hertiage birds would be but to me they are not any better than hatchery chicks and alot less expensive.I will tell you something I wont be ordering from them anymore i sent them a letter to complain but i dont expect any answer here is the picture i hope i get this right its the first time I've posted a pic[​IMG]
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    You lost a bracket [​IMG]
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    There ya go!
    Sorry about your chicks! I hope you have luk with the others.

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