Disappearing eggs!?

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    Now we KNOW something is stealing eggs!!!! [​IMG]

    Suspected it earlier, but the 4 eggs that were under my broody silkie just plain disappeared. We were going for stretches without any eggs, and a couple times went to retrieve an egg we "thought" we had seen earlier, only for it to be gone. These are laid in nest boxes 2' off the floor, and a horse feeder 4' off the floor! (The broody's eggs were on the ground.)

    What will come into the coop, steal eggs, not eat or destroy them in the coop (no sign of shells or other evidence), not hurt the hens, or the 3 week old chicks in the adjacent run. We know that there are skunks in the area, but can't imagine where one would get in. [​IMG]

    This is a horse shed converted to coop. Dirt floor. Run is fully reinforced with buried chicken wire, but last winter, did find a dead rat (had a great watch rooster at the time) that had tunnelled in the back of the building.

    Thanks for your help!!

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  2. In this instance for me..it was a nice size black snake and I've even seen a squirrel take a bantam egg and run off with them.

    None the less...while it could be many things..the snake is really the main one who can eat the evidence and run and leave no trace of activity.

    Most other preditors will destroy the eggs there and leave broken egg shells laying about.

    I had a broody sitting on 10 eggs in the coop. I was outside feeding chicks on the wall behind the hen and I heard the biggest commotion I ever heard in my life. I could hear "thuds"...come to find out, two darn rats were tossing the eggs out of the nest onto the ground with the freaking hen just sitting there in her trance!
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