Discoloration and black scabs on face. Fowl pox or?


In the Brooder
Apr 26, 2020
My two year old brown leghorn hen has a couple black scabby looking things by her beak and along with it, there’s discoloration under her eye (that greenish grey color). No other scabs on her comb or anywhere. Other side of her face is fine.

She is eating normally and running around the yard (they free range). Although she did lay a fairy egg this week (she’s done that before). Other hens are fine.

not sure how long this has been there as it’s hard to see under her comb and she’s the skittish one. I’d guess 2-3 days.

Wondering if it’s a bite or fowl pox appearance (doesn’t seem like it but maybe it’s early?) or something else?


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