Discoloration and Spots on Comb and Ear Lobes - Cause for concern?


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Nov 23, 2020
Hi All!

I noticed this morning that my roo and 3 of our 7 girls have some discoloration on their comb/ear lobes. They don't seem to be bothered much by it but I'd be more comfortable if you all took a look to see if I'm just over reacting :).

It could just be fine dirt stuck in the folds from a few days of dust bathing mixed with a good smattering of rain they decided to play in this morning. But i got to googling and don't trust myself!

The chickens are all Buff Orrington 5.5 months old. I live in New England and we've had a few nights the in the 20's (f) but the coop is draft free so not sure if frostbite is the culprit. Any advice would be much obliged!


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