*discription of symptoms* me and my mom got very sick

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    ok as the post says im going to get very discreptive not for the weak stomached just making thread to see what ppl think we could have had.

    ok now to start my parents went somewhere for a few hrs no more then 3 and came home with a pizza. my dad took a bight and said he didnt want any (hes a picky eater didnt like mushrooms and peperonie).

    anyway it was cold by the time they got home and i ate all but the paice my dad ate and my mom musta ate some on the way home but i had 4-5 peices went to sleep(starts getting gross here) woke up with projectile vomitting it was so loud and violent scared the dogs and they hid i tried to walk to ash bucket by fireplace to puke (i sleep on couch it is 5 steps away) didnt make it 2steps puked again got right next to the bucket and puked again but i was still not quite close enough and it started coming out of my nose then i hunched over the bucket and started puking in it went to kitchen started sipping on water maybe drank an inch out of the bottom of a coffe mug layed down and started again. i layed there puking and trying to keep myself hydrated for hours but couldnt keep up then idk if i was halucinating or just passing out for short periods(becouse i was so tired not from the sickness but i only had a few hrs of sleep) seen like 3tvs all circling the tv i was watching same thing on all 4 of them i then my mom started to get rdy for work and she puked in the shower (she was lucky she only puked once) so she stayed home. i eventually tried to not eat or drink anything since i couldnt keep it down anyway i sipped some water it came right back up clear as when i poured it into the cup but when i ran out of stuff in my stomach i puked up this nasty green liquid that burnt all the way out of my mouth(and tasted nasty) and "messed" my pants which was also just liquid (normal every other way just pure liquid)so i started drinking just to save myself from the stomach acid and sat on the toilet everytime i felt like i was going to puke.

    for those of you who read all this srry for the deatails but would like to know what it im usually very healthy and have had nothing but a small cold in the past 3 yrs. the most curiass detail is me and my mom both got sick at the same time (even though mine was much much worse) and it only lasted like 12hrs. im leaning more toward food poisoning or something to do with the pizza then the flue becouse i dont think me and my mom would have gotten sick at same time if it was the flue.

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    Sounds like food poisoning to me.
  3. So only you and mom got hit, not dad though he did have a bite?

    1 Food poisoning symptoms hit suddenly, but can be from a food you ate up to 48 hours before. So don't just assume it was the pizza (though quite like IMO) it could be anything that you and mom both ate in the last two days.... that dad didn't.

    2 There have been several different stomach bugs hit, one that got us (or rather DH and the kids)... Walking along fine then BLAMMO explosion. Lasted a short while and then NOTHING. DD got it first (donno where from), DH cleaned her up (no gloves or bleach) and then HE got it, then DS got it... but then DH got it again... think because he kept using the same water bottle and the bug was transferred through spit, puke or poo.

    Could be either really, key thing is to do everything you can to keep hydrated. You can go a day or two without eating. You'll be miserable, but you won't die. But a day or two without water and you'll be in incredible danger.
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    If you can't trace it back to food for sure consider the possibility of a tummy bug like pineapple said. We got over one just a couple weeks ago. It was a week of unending hell. Literally hell. We have 3 bathrooms and it was not enough. Every toilet had a trashcan in front of it so you could get sick and stay on the toilet. My poor daughter slept on the bathroom floor a couple of those nights. Its pretty bad. either way food poisening or a bug I hope you guys get better soon.

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    Yup.. Sounds like food poisoning
  6. Yup, only reason I didn't get it is because I cleaned with straight (yeah overdoing a bit) bleach and rubber gloves... I followed The Sickies and wiped everything... but not with my bare hand and not without CDC Backed For Killing Bacteria AND Viruses Bleach in a spray bottle.

    Give your counters, floors, toilets, sinks, doorknobs, dishes, water jugs, all a good wiping... just in case it wasn't the pizza... and I'd toss any leftovers from the last two days too since you can't be certain what it was.
  7. silkydragon

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    Nov 1, 2009
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    oh and just so ppl know 1st thing i drank and kept down was a gatoraid performance felt so good after keeping something down so next time you get sick and dehydrated drink some gateraid lol idk if it made a difference but it was only thing staying down all day so anyhelp i can offer

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    Nov 1, 2009
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    Quote:we woke up 100% better except me who got the worst i am still feeling week but not rly sick
  9. Sounds just like the bug that hit us... once it was purged it was purged... all three of them bounced back FAST.

    Unless you went and re-exposed yourself like DH. [​IMG]

    There are quite a few bacteria and such that'll be 1 day or less... but also a lot that'll be more than a day... or more than a week... holy cow can't imagine!!

    Just be glad it was a quick one whatever it was and do what you can to make sure you don't re-expose.

    One chart... http://www.foodpoisoningprevention.com/ID_Chart.htm
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    I agree, it sounds like it was /is food poisoning. Just make sure to keep yourself hydrated (to replenish the fluids you have been expelling) and listen to your body - if you feel there is something seriously wrong, then go to the ER. I will be praying for continued healing for you and your family (since you said everyone is feeling better then they were). [​IMG]

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