Discuss and show off your rare chicken breeds


11 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Fairbanks, alaska
Any rare breeds out there that not many people know about? There might be a lot or not a lot but i am just curious. Would love to see some pics and know what they're personalities are like :)
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yeah but i still will like to see the pics and know more about them
I would post a pic of my own rare breed but...i have no rare chickens (sigh)...only have mutts so...Here's a pic of my sister's handsome OEGB roo:
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I'll be taking pics of the four I hatched from Revolutionmama's eggs. (hatch 6 but two died

1 is a black chick, I'm thinking sumatra.
2 look to be Red Sussex and
1 seems to be a Buff Sussex... we'll see as they feather out. They are just over a month old now.
They look like a game chicken in body type, but have a naked neck like a Turken. My brother has some and they just started laying about three days ago. They were May chicks.

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