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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Glenda Heywoodo, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Glenda Heywoodo

    Glenda Heywoodo Songster

    Dec 19, 2016
    Cassville Missouri

    Glenda Heywood I have been enjoying a long discussion of several days about how frizzles are judged.
    (1) IE: Frizzles are placed in row with their breed type and color. Only 1 color set of frizzles per judging, each frizzle color is with its color breed type.

    (2) Then BV and RV are picked from the color of frizzles by the breed type birds.

    (3) then the frizzle winner of its coloor is judged against the winner of the breed in that color to see if it gets BB or RB.

    (4 I guess the judge doing to frizzles goes to all the colors BV and RV to see if any beat their regular feathered breed type and then the winners go for BB and RB putting the frizzle winner against the regular feathered breed type bird, with that said here is some good conversation on this matter:

    Thanks to all who helped me remember Judging of frizzles as it has changed some from 35-40 yrs ago.

    Matt Lhaman
    I know what she is confused. In the old days we picked Best Overall Frizzle. It then competed for Best SCCL, RCCL etc depending on what class it was in.

    Glenda Heywood Yes I know what love of frizzles is I had to worked many years to promote the feather type of the frizzle cochin breed type.

    Matt hit the nail on the head!! Thank goodess you all like to spend good money on Thanks to Matt for helping straighten me out.

    Zach Rose I don't think you fully understand. A frizzle Cochin can win best of show if it's good enough.

    Zach Rose Any recognized frizzle variety can win as high as any other non-frizzled variety.

    Jennifer Binns Morales All varieties that are in the SOP are judged for breed champion

    Jennifer Binns Morales Yes both are usually carried. In cochins particularly there varieties standard to ABA that are not with APA.

    Glenda Heywood Yes I thought that is what I remembered. So ABA standards are used for judging, that is great as to the bantams should be judged from the American Bantam Standard as well as the American Poultry Standard on bantams.

    So now with many more frizzle feather patterns the judges have more to work with as to which frizzle competes to the end in every color and breed type of many colors.

    Thus a frizzle bird could go to champion of breed and champion of Show or RB or Reserve champion of Show in the final champion picks.. Finally after a long discussion it still is the way I remember the show going by accredited judges. thanks!!
    Once again we are on the same level of thought. Thanks GLH

  2. Glenda Heywoodo

    Glenda Heywoodo Songster

    Dec 19, 2016
    Cassville Missouri

    To be best of breed the frizzle bantam has to go up against the rest of the breed type regular feathered birds, If it is judged as I have been told?. Hopefully some one can answer to educate me in the current judging system, Thanks

    (1) Glenda Heywood asked this;
    Also Does the winner of for instance say Frizzled Polish bantam what ever the colors are? what does he win first BV? then goes on to compete with other frizzled birds in the show for what to win that class? before competing with the regular feathered birds of the breed type. IE the frizzle has to have the same breed type if it is to compete with regular feathered of the breed type? Is this right?

    (2) Glenda Heywood Back in the day of 1970's and 1980's there were only white cochin frizzles shown and they were placed in the same area as the white cochin regular feathered breed type birds. The cochin frizzles had to have good Cochin Breed type to even be judged BV offrizzle cohin, and that wasas far as I could go.

    Jennifer Binns Morales Glenda Heywood answer to your questions above . In todays poultry shows. Frizzle feathered bird of and breed are considered a variety of the breed as stated the the SOP in both associations .

    Where they are recognized has all been worked out and people are very used to seeing the frizzle counter parts along side their smooth feather .

    They,are entered by variety and color and are judged together. Example: black frizzle cochin bantam would show with all black frizzled cochin bantams for BV .

    Then judged in the BB run if they are picked which we are seeing more and more frizzle being strong enough in type and quality to win the breed. They then will be the bird to compete for best featherleg.

    Jennifer Binns Morales replied
    This Blue was RB at the 2016 APA national last February
    (photo o0f a frizzled Blue cochin Bantam

    Casey Gentry Gorgeous bird!!!

    (3) Glenda Heywood So at APA National the blue frizzle cochin got RB over all Cochin breed type bantams there? How many birds were in total for this RB a Frizzle? Who owned the bird? What show was this at? Thanks

    (4) Glenda Heywood Excellent looking bird. Is the color some dark or is it my computor? Do blues come any lighter color? Am I saying this right IE: Blue frizzle cochin bantam?

    (5) Glenda Heywood Who judged the Cochin Bantam class and Frizzled cochin Bantams? Was it the same judge for both classes? Thanks

    (6) Glenda Heywood What colors of cochin Bantams did this bird go up against in the final cochin bantam judging?

    (7) Glenda Heywood Am I under standing this IE: the frizzled cochin bantams of all colors are judged and then the judge runs around looking for different colors of frizzled cochin bantams to be judged as BV and or RV of the frizzled bantam class?

    If there are other frizzed bantams do they compete for BV and or RV in their breed type only?
    How is BB or RB of all frizzled bantams then picked?

    They are just varieties of frizzled Bantams so each frizzle breed type bantam can only win BV and or RV?

    Is this just for their frizzled breed type or are all frizzled breed types judged against each other?

    Then they if winning BV and or RV would go up against the regular feathered breed type for BB and or RB? thanks
    Exhibition Frizzle Breeders
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  3. Glenda Heywoodo

    Glenda Heywoodo Songster

    Dec 19, 2016
    Cassville Missouri
    I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY ONE WHO CAN ANSWER MY QUESTIONS DO SO PLEASE. I am trying to learn how frizzled bantams are judged now days as there was only one class of frizzled bantams in my showing days. I numbered the question posted.Thanks
    Glenda Heywood
    Matt Lhamon answered me on Exhibition Frizzle : The are judged as a variety of the breed and the compete for Best of Breed with the smooth and frizzle colors. The no longer pick a Best Frizzle other than Specialty Breed Club Awards. Things have changed since the days of the old Frizzle Club with Don Emery, Herb Amborski, etc!
    judged against each other.???? Because it was always my understanding that colors of cochins all were picked BV and RV then judge for BB and RB from all colors of cochins that were at the show.??How else can champion of show be picked from all breeds and colors of chickens entered at the show.

    Glenda Heywood
    Thanks Matt I am learning.

    Glenda Heywood There was a long interesting conversations on this posting in Exhibition Frizzle breeders tonight, Judging system for frizzle chickens at shows. Thanks to all who helped me understand how frizzles are judged today.
    Glenda Heywood
    The conclusion is this (A) frizzle breed types are put with regular feathered of the breed type and color they are. (B) Then each set of frizzles are judged as to frizzle color feathers and with that color of feather breed type. (C) So frizzles can only.
    Glenda Heywood
    Donald Barger answered my post As Jennifer posted a photo of a judge with outstanding hat on judgin a white frizzle cochin so I wanted to know who he was and where it was taken: ere is our conversations
    Hi Glenda, "the judge" above is me smile emoticon:)
    I believe that was the Washington Feather Fanciers show a few years ago, and I don't recall how high that particular bird ended up placing, but it was very nice.
    The Frizzle variety of every breed is are judged and evaluated just as carefully as any other. I myself have given several Best and/or Reserve of Breed to a Frizzled bird, and even higher.

    Donald Barger It's great to see you active again grin emoticon:D I remember our visits very fondly smile emoticon:)

    Glenda Heywood Thanks Donald. I am active only in the manner of this excellent breed page and my own site on facebook. I have had a rough last few years as I now am 80 plus yrs old and confined to home, so I am trying to restore my knowledge in todays show world at least what I learn from you all here abouts, about my favorite frizzle breeds.My terminology was still old as I consider the frizzle as " White Cochin frizzles" instead of saying "White frizzle Cochin" which they say now. So I am learning with every ones patience and help, thanks for answering my inquiry about your judging picture. enjoyed the rememberence of those years ago I went to the northern California town for a great poultry show. Do you know what town that was? appreciate the help here thanks.

    Glenda Heywood Thanks to Jennifer for posting this photo. appreciate your continued help as all of the rest of you frizzle lovers. thanks

    Donald Barger Glenda,I believe that was either the "Golden Gate Bantam Club Show" in Pleasanton, Or the PPBA show when it was in Roseville.

    Glenda Heywood yes I think it was Roseville and such lovely sites to be had while going up hiway 101 with Walt Leonard and the gang going to the show. Walt was so thoughtfull to put me by the window in the van so I could get good photos there in our tour of San Francisco etc. I will always remember my visit and you all's friendly welcome. Thanks for helping me here, my memory is still good but some times as it has been decades since i was there I have to be reminded. I still will always love frizzles and hope they keep being bred and shown thanks and much peace to you and yours.

    Glenda Heywood Donal thanks for the reply and yes I thought that was you by your photo on facebook, the hat was indicative of a serious judge, consentrating on the quality of the birds feathering. congratulations on picking frizzle birds for the quality they are now at. enjoyed your comment thanks

    Glenda Heywood
    I finally got to remember that great show in California in approximately 1980 or so. Roseville California. thanks again to Donald Barger and Jennifer Binns Morales for the photo and answers.

    Glenda Heywood Matt Lhamon is trying to help me learn the judging rules etc here from Exhibition Frizzle site is these comments"
    You mean to tell me that shows do not pick best of breed or reserve of breed say in Cochins with all colors of cochins not being judged against each other.???? Because it was always my understanding that colors of cochins all were picked BV and RV then judge for BB and RB from all colors of cochins that were at the show.??How else can champion of show be picked from all breeds and colors of chickens entered at the show.

    Glenda Heywood
    MORE COMMENTS ON JUDGING FRIZZLES Matt Lahmon and Jennifer Binns Morales "
    It would probably also be Bobtail as the pattern was developed in Europe from what i understand. There are none here. European fanciers and Australia breeders are WAY ahead of U.S breeders in genetic and variety experimentation

    Matt Lhamon Culls:)

    Glenda Heywood Matt what does this mean in view of Jennifers post? a joke or serious> thanks. I am not sure how to read this thought. They have excellent body type for frizzled cochins, even if the are called "Bobtails" my interpertation of the name means that there are other frizzles with more tail feathers than these??

    Glenda Heywood Jennifer is this a remake of the photo of birds from above in the post? on Bobtails?

    Jennifer Binns Morales Glenda a joke on Matt Lhamon part wink emoticon;). As a advocate of the SOP he has a very strong opinion of varities NOT in our SOP or ones who claim to be of a standard variety and do not show SOP quality. Such as mottled very few mottled or birds claiming/ ente...See More

    Jennifer Binns Morales May i also add Matt Lhamon actively supports true efforts in preparing and advising varieties in many breeds. Who actively are trying to gain SOP acceptability. As he did with Splash bantam cochin. He was a wonderful advisor to myself and the group readying the birds. Which he did judge and finalize at the 2013 ABA National in Columbus Ohio

    Matt Lhamon Glenda, not a fan of the Bobtail color or the hustlers who imported them

    Jennifer Binns Morales So in a nut shell...Matt is kinda old school per say. Anything not worth his time is a "cull" wink emoticon;)

    Glenda Heywood Now you are talking my language for sure in my opinion and note book of mind. thanks It pays to save the best for the best not waste time and money on culls. finally something we agree on up front!!!!

    Glenda Heywood Matt has been a very active and good supporter of the ABA and this is in his history book also. Thanks Matt for helping with breeds and varities and FRIZZLES Perse'

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