disease?*CRITICAL* please post fast!!


12 Years
Sep 11, 2007
I have a chicken that has been acting different this is how I just now found her sleeping on the ground upside down!!!!!!what do I do
thats really weird! how is she breathing? is she like cut or something? maybe shes just weird!
she's bleeding on the comb,she's stopped laying eggs,she carrys her tail down.and stays in one spot all day!!!!it is a turken
it's possible she could be egg bound with a soft shelled egg...
she could have weak legs from lack of calcium
she could be broody
either way..she has been sitting, and has most likely been attacked by other chickens, or some predator..(or a family pet)
and was in shock.
check entire body for injury, swelling and/or heat.

for possible egg bound/soft shelled egg:

check her vent for any drainage or discharge, swelling, injury, and check for an egg..
feel belly/vent area for heat and/or swelling.

you can try putting her in a warm dim quiet place where you can be close to observe or hear her.
(this should be done for shock also)

set her on a warm towel in a sort of temporary nest box.
let her be for an hour or 2.
(heating the towel on low works well,,just make sure it isn't too hot)

or..you can set her bottom in a sink of warm water for 15 minutes or so.

these techniques can help relax the muscles.
prior to either of these:
give 2 (325mg) aspirin tablet.(ONLY PLAIN ASPIRIN)..crushed in 1/2 gallon drinking water for discomfort or any inflammation.
also give 1 Tums crushed..sprinkled into small amount of feed, or small piece of moistened bread.
you can use mineral oil, KY Jelly around the vent area.

for lack of calcium, and help deal with stress/shock:

mix up some layer feed, with a small amount water cooked oatmeal..just enough to give the mixture"body".and
plain yogurt, and some chopped cooked egg.
make up about 1 cup of the mix and offer it 3 times a day, along with regular layer feed.
a crushed Tums also offers calcium.

make the mixture so it will puff..not soupy.

give poultry vitamins and electrolytes in water (after she drinks some aspirin water)
or you can use Polyvisol children's liquid vitamins..2-3 drops in beak once a day for a week..then taper off.
(if you don't have commercial electrolytes,.
some people use plain Pediolyte, or Gatorade in a pinch for electrolyte supplement.)

please describe her droppings, (color and consistency)
any other symptoms, and update on her condition.
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P.S. is the comb still bleeding?
if so...dab with sugar to help stop bleeding.
dab with betadine tea, let dry, and apply neosporin or polysporin ointment..
don't be too alarmed..combs tend to bleed alot when injured.

is the comb badly injured?
check her eyes for injury..
and for other peck marks.

please say what ALL you feed.
and how many chickens do you have?
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