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Jul 2, 2016
I woke up today as usual snd went down to check on my chooks and they them out. When I got there I noticed a tail of one of my silkes was sticking half out of the coop when I opened up the door she was dead. I had a look at the body to check for bite marks or anything else but there was nothing on her except for some dirt. Was she killed by another but left no mark or was there a disease that killed her (also I noticed a mosquito sucking of her)

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Sep 20, 2015
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I'm sorry for your loss:hugs

Unfortunately there's no way to know for sure know the cause of death without necropsy.

Did you see any feathers scattered on the ground outside or did any feathers look plucked from the tail that would indicate a predator try to pull her from the coop?

It's possible she may have just died from a heart attack/stroke or something else. When birds (animals, humans, etc.) die, there can be muscle/nerve reactions that essentially will flop the body into odd positions. She may have simple just landed the way you found her as well.


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Apr 3, 2011
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If they were not locked up during the night, it could have been a predator, but she may have shown more signs of injury. She could have died from and number of things, but without a necropsy it would be hard to tell. Bantams can be hurt sometimes by larger birds, but there are many diseases and conditions that can affect them. How old was she? When I have a bird die, I look them over to check their crop for fullness, feel the breastbone and weight for weight loss, look at the vent area, and check for parasites. Opening the abdomen to look at the organs for abnormalities.

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