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    Feb 15, 2012
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    We went to avauctions for fowl and small animals. The auction is very well runned and very respectable. We purchased some chickens . They looked very nice and healthy. Then a couple of days the rooster and hen were looking bad. The rooster was coughing and sneezing with discharge from the nose and the hen was breathing hard and making a noise. We decided to cull them. Come to find out that others had sick chickens also. We found out that there was a jerk who lives in SC and we live in NC decided to bring sick birds. The birds had MG. We are hoping not to lose the flock thats in the coup will not come down with MG...so far so good. The jerk had been traveling to other auctions selling sick birds. He since then has be blackballed from any auctions in NC. In NC, if your have MG, the chicken officials have to come and destroy the whole flock. Believe me if anymore come down with it they will have to be destroyed and several are tame. Not all auctions are bad...it is the some of the sellers are bad and dont give a care!!!
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    This is very sad news, very sad indeed. What kind of person brings a sickly animal to an exhibit??

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