Diseases- Any 4H people out there???

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    Ok, I need help.

    I have a couple of birds I purchased awhile back and the person who hatched them told me I should probably cull them. She suspects a disease with the chicks she hatched because she used some eggs that were not NPIP approved.

    We talked about testing the chickens. She said sometimes you can get a 4H club to test for you, they test their own birds for shows. She told me that if she is correct, this disease kills off babies, 1-3 days old or so and then presents itself as a cold. Birds-hens that live will pass the illness through the eggs laid. She says the eggs are ok to eat. If you hatch the eggs, the infection spreads to the incubator and flock or flocks or new chicks.

    She strongly suggests I cull the two birds I have. I have not learned to kill a chicken yet. I know how, my heart gets in the way.

    What is the easiest way to test for this disease? Easiest/Cheapest. She purchased a test kit for home testing, should I wait for her results then go from there? What do you think?


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    Jun 4, 2008
    Just because they were not from a NPIP certified source does not mean that they are diseased. Are your birds or hers showing symptoms? I'd wait for the test results before culling.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I'd have to agree with the other response. The diseases they test for in the NPIP program aren't even the ones that kill most birds nowadays. I doubt being in the program would have been a good indicator of non-diseased stock, other than they would have been clean for pullorum and typhoid. There are numerous other diseases the program should really focus on that are bigger killers in today's poultry industry.

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