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    So it's time for a lot of my chicks to go into the barn with the others (same area, but separated by chicken wire). Most of the chicks are a month old or older, and I generally feed and water them AFTER my adult birds (poop on my hands, feather dander, etc.). I've never had a problem (that i know of) with poultry disease before, but after joining BYC and reading posts, I have now become utterly paranoid about disease (to the point of anxiety and thinking about only raising ducks). So my main question. If I put the chicks in the barn now, should I expect to lose a bunch from Marek's and cocci, or do you think if I had something serious it would have already transferred to my chicks from my lack of hand washing? Lol. Might be a dumb question, but...
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    If your adult chickens are generally healthy and well looked after, you really shouldn't have any problems. I've introduced lots of different batches of chicks to my adult coop and nobody's ever got sick or gone even slightly off colour.

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