disgusting feet!


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Oct 7, 2009
i inherited 9 older birds this week and their feet are gross. it looks like cornmeal stuck all over. is the anything i can do to help them? i can not believe people let there animals detrioriate to this level. i have pics but dont know how to attach them.


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Your birds have what sound like a very bad case of scaley leg mites. Do a search on here and you will find lots of info. One treatment is to coat legs in vaseline or baby oil daily. Another treatment is to use ivermectin on the legs. Depends if you want to use meds or not. Either way, it is very treatable.
Do I have the perfect post for you. At the top right side of this page in the search box type in Manky foot. The post is incredible and has not only the way to cure it put excellent pictures. If I'm not being cleat PM me.

I'm sure they will be O.K. using the advice from the post and Thanks for adopting such neglected birds.
Scaley leg mites! Lather their legs in vaseline and dust them in Sevin dust(walmart in lawn and garden section) or spray them in Adam's flea and tick spray. The mites get under the chicken's scales and burrow--vaseline causes the mites to suffocate and the old scales will fall off in a few weeks, with fresh new scales!
Treat the legs with vaseline every 2-3 days until better! Good luck!

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