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Jun 3, 2011
Just wanted to get some opinions on something that I heard was going on in my area. There is a breeder in the area that is NPIP certified and goes to the auctions in the area and will buy
chicks. The chicks are then sold as NPIP when in fact their origin is unknow let alone NPIP certified. The auction birds are being sold to 4H and FFA kids as show birds. At the judging they will
find out that what they bought as a pure bred show bird is actually just a hatchery cross.
My question is there anything that I can do to expose this dishonesty to the extenion office? I participate in the NPIP program and I have a small flock (under 12 birds). This type of behavior is
defeating the entire purpose of the NPIP program and makes me wonder just how many out there are doing the same thing in order to make a few more dollars. It also makes me pretty angry
that kids in FFA and 4H are being taken advantage of.

Thank you!!

Nacho Chicken Mine
that's really sad
How can someone be so mean, and take the fun and joy out of the FFA program?!
try calling or writting them as an anomious(sp) person and eaither tell them what you know/suspect or ask what them what can be done about it
That's absolutely horrendous and unscrupulous!!! Please report them to their state Dept. of Ag NPIP tester. They need to be reported and lose their certification.
That just makes me sick! Those poor kids are getting bad birds that may carry diseases and infect their whole flock, and also cause them to inadvertently sell or show sick birds. Imagine the sadness on a child's face when his/her whole beloved flock has to be put down because of this sick jerk! REPORT HIM!
I also don't like that the kids are putting all the time, money and effort into raising a bird that they are going to show and hope to win with. I know some of the kids that are showing don't have
a large flock. Some only have the ones that they will be showing.
I think that a disease has already been brought into their flock and they have lost some of their own stock.
Are you sure the chicks they are buying are not NPIP certified? A lot of auctions require that you have proof in order to sell birds/eggs.
I was just going to say the exact same thing. In Texas you cannot sell chickens at auction unless you are NPIP certified, we have to go to Louisiana because we are not certified yet. So if he is in Texas and doing this it really isn't illegal, it would be more of an unethical thing because he is selling to kids and really all you can do is try to warn people against buying from him.

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