Dislocated hip in young chicken?

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  1. Crimson Rambler

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Hello. I'll start by saying that I have spent the last two days researching and reading forums and helpful websites... but I'm still not sure what to do!

    My adolescent chick, Dale, suddenly started laying with her leg splayed, and can't walk on it without stumbling. I've checked her twice for the slipped tendon, saw no indication of it, and her hock doesnt appear to be inflamed. I'm 99% positive that there is no break in the bone.

    I layed her on her back and felt her legs and hips for quite a while, and it seems that her hips are uneven. I can put her leg in the proper position, but it just splays out again, and when it is alligned properly, her hips are still quite uneven. I myself have hip displasia, and she's acting just like me when my hip is blown out.

    I'm wondering if she is too old for it to be Spraddle leg... she's a few months old, I think, def not a baby. She's been freeranging and popcorning all throughout my yard in the weeks before this.

    She's eating well and drinking, and I currently have her enclosed in a smaller area, so she won't be tempted to walk or roost.

    I can supply pictures and maybe even video.

    I can try to do the feet-binding thing, or the suspension thing.... but are these effective on an older chick? And if I'm right, and her hips are screwed up, is there even any hope for the little thing?

    Thanks... sorry about the length of this.


  2. Crimson Rambler

    Crimson Rambler Hatching

    Nov 21, 2012
    Thank you very much! I've read them already and now have done it again! I'm getting more desperate now and am looking at ways to cull her. I don't want her to live in pain!

    My question is would these hobbles work on an older chicken? She is a teenager, in her awkward looking vulture phase of life....
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    Aug 23, 2012
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    awwww poor thing..... do you have pics of her? and I would do the video too!!! I will see if I can get some help for ya in the mean time.....


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