Dislocated hip!


Sep 28, 2021
Our chicken was found limping around today, unsure of how it happened but it appears she has a dislocated hip as when feeling her hips one is higher than the other, swollen and causes her a lot of pain when pressure is applied. She is currently isolated from the rest of our flock. I am wondering if there is anything we can do, or if we should just go ahead and put her down. No discoloration on her legs and both pointing in the same direction. She is still feisty and able to move quickly as it wasn't super fun attempting to catch her. Any help is welcome, we don't have a vet around here.
If she's feisty and you had a hard time catching, you may want to let her out and see how it goes. She likely will self limit her activity. She may heal up on her own.

If you feel she's in a great deal of pain and it will be long term and her quality of life won't improve, then putting her down is certainly an option.

You are the one that will have to determine all this - you are there to access how well she's doing.

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