Diversity of Life Series - Birds, Holden, MO

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    Friday February 15, 2013,1 PM the Bird portion of our Diversity of Life Series.

    Trails Regional Library 207 S Main St, Holden, MO 64040

    Bring the kids to learn about the wonderful world of our feathered friends! School in the Holden R-3 District is out that day, so a perfect opportunity to give your kids something fun to do that afternoon. Not sure about other districts, but everyone is welcome!

    Meet Oscar, Mia, Aubrey, Bluey, Condor, and more. Learn about the bird conservation, bird watching, birds as pets, and see what bird is probably one of the most important animals in human history. Be sure to also tune to KSHB 41 at 10 AM on Wed Feb 13 for our segment on KC Live.

    Free, no registration required.

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