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    We're getting our new shed on Saturday! YAY! It is a 12'x12' shed, and we plan on using it as both storage and chicken coop. The front 4' will be storage, with the other 8' going towards the coop. For those of you that have made divided coops, what do you use for your divider? And the door from storage to coop? I was originally thinking chicken wire, but then wouldn't the things in storage get awful dusty? We're doing deep litter, so I'd also need something solid at the bottom. I would love pictures and ideas on materials to use! Especially for frugal ideas. [​IMG] If I wanted to attach the nest boxes to the divider, would a plywood wall be sturdy enough to support them? That way I could go inside the shed to collect eggs, without having to go into the coop.

    For roosts, I plan on using a combination of branches we already have from trees we had removed and some 2x4s. For the branches/limbs, how should I attach them to the walls of the coop? I've never build anything other than a bookcase, so this is all new territory. How high up should the roosts be? And do I need to provided chicken ladders to all the roosts, or just the lowest, or...? Any tips?

    For the nest boxes, I haven't decided yet what I'll be making these from, but what is a good height to put them at? Can they jump/fly up to them, or will they need a ladder to those as well? We'll be doing all large fowl, a mix of Orpingtons, Eggers, and various other breeds. Any tips/tricks to get them laying at their best?

    The shed we're getting is shingled and sided, I'm not sure if it is insulated, but I don't think it is. What would be the best way to add ventilation? It has a gambrel style roof (I think that's what it is), could I just cut a hole through the wood/siding near the roof line and cover it with chicken wire? It wouldn't be the prettiest solution, but we spent extra for a finished shed, so need to go cheap on the conversion. Right now we'll only have 6-8 birds, but the coop will be big enough for 24, so I want to be sure there is plenty of venting.

    I'm going to try and get my step father to help with installing an exterior side door (depending on how tall we make the run) and windows. For the windows, how many would you suggest? I was thinking I'd try to find 4? Two for the back wall, one on each side?

    For the pop door, how hard is it to make a pulley style one? How big should it be?

    I still have to figure out what we're doing for the run, but my main concern right now is getting the coop finished.

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