DIY Candler for dark eggs without hiding in the dark with 110 volts swtiched LED lighting 8 x8x16

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    I recently posted a picture of my Box Candler by mistake on the She said He said thread. A fellow member WVduckchick saw it and posted a ideal she had for Candling dark eggs. I thought it was a great ideal and started building it. This what I came up with. I'm going to post how to from start to finish . this is going to take a while . I am posting on the hatching Forum because hatchers are the ones who need it most. WE will start with the picture of finished product. I used almost 95% salvaged materials,so its a little rough. there will be lots of pictures and lots of post which I will not be able to do in one sitting. So sit down get a barrel of coffee wait two or three days and I'll get all in here. mean while check out She said He said You'll love IT
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  2. This post will be a material list you will need the fixture I used a 110 volt track light fixture with a 8 watt LED bulb.1- grounded cord with a male plug 1-round rocker switch blade type 110 volt -two female blade connecters -3 wire nuts for 2 /14 gage wires. 6 or 8 feet of 1x8 inch board no less than 7-3/4 inch's long. 2 pieces 1/2 inch plywood 8x8 inch's square and 1 piece 1/2 plywood 5-1/2 x5-1/2 inch's square. 2 - 1 inch strap hinges with screws 2 - 21/8 inch draw tight latches with screws. about 50 1-1/4 deck screws 4 -1-1/ 4 inch coarse thread drywall screws 1 inch finish nails and wood glue. you will also need 1 8x11 inch sheet of black or dark brown felt self adhesive type. this is all I have time for today I will start posting pictures of the construction tomorrow .If you would like to post on this thread please wait until I have posted the complete construction of the Candler pictures and instructions.
  3. 5 AM time to get going again. Note 3/4 inch plywood can be used in place of 1x8 boards for all but the center board and the fixture base which must be 1/2 inch plywood any type of wood will do except pressure treated . you can nails to assemble the box but screws work better . Tools needed are just a few wood square pencil wood saw I used a miter chop saw Drill driver 3/32 drill bit # 2 Philips bit for drill driver & a bit for the deck screws depending on what kind you use .regular wood screws can also be used .A 1-1/4 inch hole saw or wood boring bit . SPICEAL NOTE sized lumber is not always the same size a 1x8 board should be 7-3/4 inch's wide and 3/4 inch thick but might be +/- depending on the mill it came from. now let's start building. First cut 4 pieces of your 1x8's 7-/34 inch's in length these are the box sides [​IMG]
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    dry assemble the base at this time check base bottom size all my dimensions are based on 7-3/4 inch boards do a board face to edge assembly using a 3/32 drill bit predrill and screw 3 of the sides together using 2 screws on each corner [​IMG]

    measure the bottom for size mark and cut bottom mark the center and install use 1 screw in the center of each side keep the center marks up
  5. [​IMG]

    the forth side will have the switch and cord . mark the center and mark for placement. I used a rectangular switch but a round rocker switch is much easier to install I recommend using one for that reason . my switch came out of a vacuum cleaner, and my cord from a Bissell steam cleaner neither worked any more .I like a long cord.[​IMG]

    plugs in sheds and barns always seem to be to far away from where I am . next you will need to install the switch and cord . drill and cut your holes pull enough cord through to make all your connections. I solder and use heat shrink tubing for all electrical connections but wire nuts work just fine
  6. here is the fixture I used with the base removed [​IMG]

    It works great[​IMG]
  7. remove the 2 screws from the bottom of the track light and cut the wires as close as you can to the base. You will not need the screws drywall screws will take their place .Take the base and carefully cut one side flush to use for a pattern to mark the screw holes in the plywood fixture base see the center picture in the last post .you will now need to cut piece of 1/2 inch ply wood 5-1/2 inch's x5-1/2 inch's square [​IMG]mark

    the center and center the fixture over the cross marks this puts the base off center as you can . mark the base and location of the screw holes in the fixture. use pattern to mark and predrill the holes in the ply wood . you will need to counter sink for the screws on the bottom of the plywood .If you don't have a counter sink bit use a lager drill bit for this. I'm out of time again more tomorrow
  8. now we're ready to make the holes to wire the fixture and switch mark the last side with the switch location and make the hole. mark the cord location and drill a hole large enough for the cord. Insert the switch in the hole . insert the cord give your self plenty of slack and tie a knot in the cord. next crimp a female blade connector on the black wire and connect it to the switch . connect the white to the one of the wires on the fixture use a wire nut. connect the green wire to the copper wire on the fixture .take a length of wire long enough to go from the switch to the fixture crimp the other female blade connector to the wire. fasten the other end to the other wire on the fixture. fasten the fixture to the plywood base using 2 of the 1-1/4 inch coarse drywall screws place the fixture base in the box and center with marks by sight when you ox with the center clamp in place predrill screw holes on either side or the fixture and screw in place. [​IMG]

    test the light at this time
  9. now cut apiece of1/2 inch plywood 8 in.x 8 in.[​IMG]

    place on top of box check clearance to light it should be3/4in.[​IMG]
  10. screw the last side on the box an use I-1/4 hole saw to make the egg hole .the top of the base box doesn't fasten to the box . take 2 pieces of 1in. x8in. board cut them into 1 inch strips 6-1/2 inch's long and fasten 3/4 inch from the edge with 1-1/4 inch deck screws to the top. these will keep the top straight and hold it front to back. then cut 2 pieces 1/2 in. x 3/4 in. 6-1/2 inch's long mark the top of the box 3/4 inch in from the edge on all four sides .you can use a piece of 1x8 to make the marks .glue and nail these 2 pieces parallel to each other with finish nails make sure you stay in the marks you made . cut 2 more pieces 5 inch's long glue and nail them each end stay on the marks and the base box is finished


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