DIY chicken /turkey feed recipes

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    I'm looking for recipes for a homemade feed that will fit my turkey and chickens laying needs. I currently use a pellet feed named super layer 22. I like it. I just want to make my own feed since I make everything else from scratch.
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    There are lots of chicken feed recipes online. This calculator may help you to adjust them to also meet the needs of your turkeys.

    If they are doing well on your commercial feed you can compare the nutritional analysis of your homemade feed to their current commercial feed to see where you come close and what you may be lacking.
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    This is what I use:
    I feed oyster shell on the side. I also offer grit but my chickens have access to pasture as well.
    I do not mill the whole grains/seeds as it prolongs their shelf life leaving them whole but I do ferment this feed. Fermenting particularly helps the palatability of the whole field peas.
    I am relatively close to an organic grain mill where I buy most of my ingredients. I go 3x per year and it is a lovely drive through the Finger Lakes wine country so we do not look at the trips as a chore but instead a relaxing drive through beautiful countryside.
    I store my ingredients in an air tight container in my basement. We use an old apartment sized refrigerator that I gutted.
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    May 17, 2018
    Free ranging in Ga
    Thanks. The calculator will definitely come in handy.
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    some sample recipes from BYCer rjohns39

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    I looked into this a lot and decided it's way more effort and expense than it's worth. You have to find sources of all the various grains, have places to store them separately where they won't spoil or draw rodents, grind it all up (unless you choose to feed whole, which can lead to them picking out just what they like, plus the supplements won't stick unless you add oil), and the vitamin/mineral powder only comes in big bags, so it would go bad before I'd use it with my flock of 12.

    Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have enough birds to buy in bulk and use it fast.
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