DIY ( Do It Yourself ) Fly Trap for the hen house.


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Thank you all for welcoming me to BYC.

I was reading some posts from last year about how to be rid of flu's using Vanilla car sent hangers and Vanilla liquid Potpourri with out EO. My fly traps have helped. How ever 5 days ago I put up 8 vanilla hangers inside the hen house and in a one gal spray bottle "that has never been used for any thing else as it is new" I put one bottle of vanilla Potpourri the kind with out EO " essential oils" and filled it with water. Then I sprayed every thing form the pine wood chips to the roost and walls. I also hung fly tape out side the hen house. As of this Date I have seen an 80% decrease in the fly population. Before using the Vanilla I would have to keep my mouth shut so that a fly would not enter in to it and the sound of the buzzing was unbelievable. My peeps are free range so there only in the hen house to sleep at night. Keeping there house free from fly's has been wonderful and the fresh sent of vanilla is an added bones.
Thank you for this wonderful place called BYC , were I can share and learn.

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