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Diy electric coop, not fence

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by PingoBags, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. PingoBags

    PingoBags Chirping

    Jun 27, 2016
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    First time chicken owner, they are still in the brooder. I made a simple dog house last year that never gets used so decided to convert it into a coop.
    The conversion is complete but I also wanted to add a little more protection. We have a lot of raccoons around here daily which doesn't bother me.
    Sure, they eat out of my bin and steal bird food and sometimes try digging up my plants, but they are just animals and need to eat too but my chicken won't be on the menu.

    I'm trying to electrify just the coop doors/locks and nesting box's as a first defense from raccoons, my second defense is the locked plywood doors.
    I tested the idea first and it worked really **** good, touch test.

    Any place the raccoon will try to gain access will basically look like this.
    Even the lock will be electrified.

    The grounding rods are 3' copper pipe, scrap pipe.
    It's on a button switch so it can be switched off easily.
    Everything will be housed in a battery box I made to keep everything dry.
    The blue box to the left is the battery box

    The diy shocker is not complete yet, i'm still missing a piece to pulse it like a real energizer.
    I have this on order

    It'l run off a car battery but the voltage will be dropped so it isn't as intense.
    Here's part of it running off 4.5volts but i'm gonna drop it to 3volt.
    The arc isnt as intense when hooked up to the coop, with ground resistance, it brings it down.

    Trying to do everything cheap, so far i'm only into the shocker for about $15 Cad.
    Mostly everything, including the battery, I got for free.

    Can anyone see any issues I could have? Besides needing to recharge the battery every 2 months.

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